Sewn bottom bag

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Sewn bottom bag is also called open sewn bottom bag. It uses special sewing thread, special wrinkled paper or heat sealing paper and other materials to sew the packaging bag at the bottom. Generally, it is m-folded on both sides. All materials are kraft paper or stretch paper, or paper and PE composite. It is fed directly from the top for filling, and the mouth needs to be closed after filling.

Bag making width: 180-705mm

Printing color: 1-8

Bag length: 300-1500mm

Number of material layers: 1-7

Bag width: 70-300mm

M-shaped hem width: 0-200mm

Materials: all kinds of kraft paper, paper plastic composite cloth, lined with plastic film and aluminum film

Valve port: single layer or multi-layer kraft paper, wrinkled paper and plastic film

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