Heat sealing bag

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The heat sealing bag is also called the replacement mouth hot-melt plastic bag or the turnover heat sealing bag. It adopts the multi-layer kraft paper staggered cutting technology, and the opening is like a ladder. Generally, the ladder mouth will be sprayed with hot sealant and sealed after folding. It has the characteristics of no sewing, no pollution, full sealing and anti caking; Convenient filling and sealing, suitable for large-scale assembly line operation; After filling, it is basically cubic, with neat and beautiful packing; It belongs to environmental protection paper bag and is suitable for export enterprises.

Bag making width: 180-705mm

Printing color: 1-8

Bag length: 300-1500mm

Number of material layers: 1-7

Bag width: 70-300mm

M-shaped hem width: 0-200mm

Materials: all kinds of kraft paper, paper plastic composite cloth, lined with plastic film and aluminum film

Note: the details can be designed and customized according to your needs

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