Square bottom bag

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The square bottom bag is also called open square bottom bag or single end paste bottom bag. The bottom of the bag is aligned, folded and glued, and then filled into a rectangle. Sticking a firm cover paper can increase the strength. The flat bottom will be stable and not easy to leak when filling or filling. It has the characteristics of good environmental protection, high firmness, stable stacking and easy identification. It is mainly used in powder and granular products in flour, starch, food and additives, feed, chemical industry, plastics and other industries. It is widely used in the packaging industry.

Bag making width: 180-705mm

Printing color: 1-8

Bag length: 300-1500mm

Number of material layers: 1-7

Bag width: 70-300mm

M-shaped hem width: 0-200mm

Materials: all kinds of kraft paper, paper plastic composite cloth, lined with plastic film and aluminum film

Note: the details can be designed and customized according to your needs

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