Valve pocket

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Valve pocket is a packing bag filled with materials from the valve port by professional filling equipment. It automatically forms a cuboid after filling materials. It has the characteristics of high filling efficiency, neat stacking, firmness and reliability, convenient transportation and elegant appearance. It is widely used in the packaging of powdery products in chemical industry, food and additives, building materials, feed, chemical fertilizer, minerals, cement, Chinese patent medicine, additives and other industries, Oversized valve pocket is widely used in the meteorological white carbon black industry and the packaging of ultra-fine and nano powder. It is an international mainstream environmental protection packaging bag.

Bag making width: 180-705mm

Printing color: 1-8

Bag length: 300-1500mm

Number of material layers: 1-7

Bag width: 70-300mm

M-shaped hem width: 0-200mm

Materials: all kinds of kraft paper, paper plastic composite cloth, lined with plastic film and aluminum film

Valve port: single layer or multi-layer kraft paper, wrinkled paper and plastic film


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